A Complete and Exhaustive Camping Checklist

Camping trips becomes manyfold easier with a handy camping checklist. Now all you need to do is pick your next destination and have this checklist in your hands. 

The list can be exhaustive, and particularly more if you are planning a trip with family, especially kids. We’ve been there, done that. We’ve put down this 10 point camping checklist with everything we have needed and forgot in our camping experience to date 😉

Isn’t it a pleasure to have a camping checklist that saves you a lot of packing time on your next trip? 

Download the 10-point car camping checklist here!

I. Campsite Setup

II. Camp Cooking

III. Clothing & Footwear

1. Must Haves

Dresses for number of days in the campsite ( + an extra pair )
Moisture-wicking T-shirts
Moisture-wicking Underwears
Pants, Shorts
Lightweight fleece jackets
Long sleeve shirts
Waterproof rain suits/jackets ( if rain is predicted )
Footwear – Shoes & Socks, Flip flops
Swimwear ( if applicable )

2. Winter wear

Fleece pants
Warm insulated jackets
Hand Gloves
Woolen socks
Warm hat

3. Beach wear

Beach sandals

IV. Toiletries & Skin Care

1. Bathing & Hygiene

Bathing soap
Shampoo / Conditioners
Facewash lotions / Face wipes
Toothbrush, toothpaste
Hand sanitizer
Toilet paper
Toiletry kit
Quick-dry/Beach towels
Menstrual products
Urinary Products
Antiseptic wipes
Dry Tissues

2. Grooming

Moisturizers / Lotions
Ear Plugs & Eye Shade

3. Sun Protection

Lip balm

V. Entertainment

1. At campsite

Star chart/night-sky identifier
Playing Cards
Flying Disc

2. Near campsite

Biking accessories
Fishing Gear
Hiking Gear

Day Hiking Backpacks
Hiking Boots
Water Bottles
Trekking Poles

VI. Tools & Repair Kit

Knife, Multitool, or army Swiss knife
Rope or clothesline
Duct tape
Tent Repair Kit
A small hammer
Sleeping Pad/Mattress Repair kit
Extra Cords
Sink stopper (if you want to wash your clothes in a sink)
Spare Parts For Stove

VII. Electronics

1. General

Cellphone and charger
Power Bank
Extra batteries
Music player with headphones
Bluetooth Speakers

2. Photography Gear

Camera and camera batteries
Wide Angle Lens
Memory cards
Camera bag

VIII. Personal

1. Valuables

Wallets – Credit Cards / Cash
Home, Car Keys
Camping reservation info

2. Medicines

Basic First Aid Kit
Prescription medicines
Pain Relievers
Motion sickness medicine
Diarrhoea medicine
Muscle spray
Rehydration solutions
Insect repellent

3. Navigation

Google Offline Maps on smart phones
GPS or GPSdepot maps
Watch or Pathfinder
Gyro compass

4. Dog Gear

Dog Tent & Bed
Dog Jacket & Boots
Dog Food, Bowls
Dog Shampoo
Dog Toys

IX. Camping with Babies

Fun & Games
Baby Carriers
Baby Toys
Baby food for infants as needed
Baby wipes
Diapers/nappies (if applicable)
Travel Potty
Baby Lotions/Soaps/Shampoos

X. Others

Things to know before you plan a camping trip

Facilities at the campsite

An initial checklist would be to check if your campsite has the facilities you need not worry carrying it yourself. If you could reserve your tents, we wouldn’t bother packing them, would we?

Also, get to know about the activities nearby such as swimming, mountain biking so that you can carry your gear accordingly.

Investing in camping products

If you are an avid camper, investing in heavy duty products is highly recommended. However, if you are not going to camp more than once or twice a year or if you are not willing in invest in the camping gear, you could rent it out or even borrow it from any of your friends if possible.

So, that's it guys! We hope this camping checklist is all you would need on your next trip. 😉 

Let us know if you found this useful or if we have missed out on anything! Happy camping!

Mark Bennett

I have a serious thing for travel, outdoors and wilderness. I grew up in Oregon and camping outdoors with my father was one of the fondest memories of childhood. I enjoy camping and hiking and love to share what I've learnt over these years.