An Absolute Guide to LX Factory, Lisbon

LX Factory, Lisbon is situated at the heart of Alcantara, which was once an industrial area. Alcantara was one of the most essential manufacturing units of Lisbon, which underwent a creative transformation to become one of the trendiest & coolest places to hangout in Lisbon. 

The wall streets are full of colorful art and the buildings are decorated beautifully. You have plenty of restaurants with eclectic decor and delicious food. The streets of LX Factory always buzzes with people and music.

Now, isn’t all that tempting, even to read? Let’s take a look at some of the best experiences in LX Street, Lisbon.

Decor that catches your eyes

Building Decor

As soon as you enter the LX Factory, one thing you’ll not miss is the trendy building decor. Once a textile mill, the amazing creativity with which it has been recreated, is remarkable.

Trendy building décor at LX Factory_1

Trendy building décor at LX Factory

At the entrance, you find a group of artists, bands or locals putting their best foot forward, by singing their hearts out to welcome visitors.

Trendy building décor at LX Factory

Trendy building décor at LX Factory

Wall Decor

The wall art on the outdoors is as impressive as the building decors. Be it Murals or cartoons or motivational quotes, the street art you’ll find at LX Factory is the best. You always find these streets crowded with people who appreciate excellent art and good food.

Wall Art at LX Factory

Trendy building décor at LX Factory

Restaurants and Cafes you must try


Cantina is one of the first restaurants you’ll bump into when you enter the LX Street. The interiors of the bar and restaurant resembles its industrial past. Particularly the colorful metal decors & tables, red shelves, stunning wall art and high tin ceilings gives the restaurant an eclectic feeling.

Cantina LX at LX factory

Cantina LX at LX factory

Cantina is famous for its Portugese food made from a wood-fired oven, which is authentic to this restaurant. 

Burger Factory

Burger Factory is situated on the LX walking strip, and is a great place for burgers. You also get some good beer and cocktails here. The restaurant being open late is an added advantage.




This is a cafe specially dedicated to lip smacking cheesecakes, and is a must visit if you love desserts. The cakes there are homemade, authentic and delicious. The restaurant is run by a woman named Madame Cheeselova, who is called so, for her speciality in cheesecake and pavlova. Go for this and you won’t be disappointed. 

A Mesa 

A Mesa is for the pizza lovers. The pizzeria is all about long wooden tables, wood covered wall decor and great pizza. You might not get a separate table as it’s a long common one that you share with others. What makes them special is the local sourcing of toppings, sausage and bread. 

Mesa, a pizza place at LX Factory

Mesa, a pizza place at LX Factory

The Sushi Factory

The Sushi Factory is a spacious restaurant that you go for some good sushi and amazing cocktails.

Wish Slow Coffee

Ah, who does not love coffee! Wish Slow Coffee should be your pitstop if you are a coffee lover. Charming wall doodles, chandeliers and modern furniture pep up your mood as soon as you enter the cafe. You get high quality Arabica coffee, roasted on the spot! Apart from coffee, Dutch pancakes, also known as poffertjes is a very popular dish here. The place also serves cheese plates, breakfast, salads and bagels.

WISH slow coffee house at LX Factory

WISH slow coffee house at LX Factory

Things to do at LX Factory


Ler Devagar stands for read slowly, is the place for bookworms. The bookstore originated in Bairro Alto, and it was shifted to many places until it found home in LX Factory.

Library Ler Devagar

Library Ler Devagar

The famous flying bicycle makes the place unique with a backdrop of thousands of books. On a relaxing day, you could get a coffee or a cake at the store and enjoy reading a good book.

Librería Ler Devagar (Leer Despacio) en LX Factory

Librería Ler Devagar (Leer Despacio) en LX Factory


You could also go shopping inside LX Factory. There are many shops available, mainly focussed on retro art works which make a great addition to your home decor. 


That’s it guys! If you visit Lisbon, I would highly recommend visiting the LX Street. It’s peppy, lively and is totally worth it. When you get good food, music and art all at one place, why would you want to miss it! 🙂

Here's their official website for more details. Have fun!

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