Best 6 Person Tent of 2020 | Expert Advice

If you quickly want to find out which is the best 6 person tent, I’d recommend the ALPS Mountaineering 6-Person Tent.

Camping is double the fun when it’s with friends & family. Looking for a 6 person tent, but overwhelmed with the options available out there? Not sure which features to prioritize and which ones to pass on?

We are here to help. 

Along with a solid buying advice, we have created mini-reviews for 5 of the best 6 person tents we have used on our trips till now. Read on!

We’ll be reviewing the below products in this article:

  1. ALPS Mountaineering 6-Person Tent
  2. Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room
  3. The North Face Wawona 6 Tent
  4. Big Agnes Deluxe Camping Tent
  5. Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent

We've created a comprehensive 6 Person Tent Buying Guide for you! 

Our Top 6 Person Tents of 2020


  • Sets up in just 10 minutes
  • Spacious floor space for 6 people
  • Large awnings for front door and back window
  • Center height across the entire area of the tent
  • Exceptional weather protection
  • Good quality zippers


  • Only a single door
  •  No heavy duty stakes

Short Review

The ALPS Mountaineering tent is our pick in the best six person tent category.


It’s has a hub design that can be set up in about 10 minutes. The tent has one large door for easy entry, and has four large windows which provide superior ventilation. Since it’s a 6 person tent, one more door would have been more convenient. It also has large awnings over the front door and the back window that is a great addition to its weather protection. 


The center height of the tent is tall, and allows people to walk freely inside the tent. The height also stretches across four sides of the tent, which makes the tent more accommodative. 


The tent is made of heavy duty Polyester fabric, and has a waterproof coating of 1500mm. The fiberglass and heavy steel poles are the biggest asset of this tent; they make it sturdy and durable. The tent stakes however, are flimsy and can be replaced with strong aluminum ones. 


Designed for 4 seasons, the tent has factory-sealed floors and fly that ensure the best weather protection. The other accessories of the tent include mesh storage shelves, steel stakes and guy ropes.


A well-designed tent for 4 seasons and 6 people, easily our pick of this article.


  • Best budget buy
  • Has an additional screen room 
  • WeatherTec technology for weather protection
  • All windows have awnings for added ventilation
  • Has heavy duty tub floor
  • Includes storage bag & has storage pockets


  • Not made of heavy duty materials
  • Only one door

Short Review

The Coleman Dome tent is basic, and is a perfect 6 person tent that performs decent in all areas. It can be easily set up in about 10-15 minutes.


The tent has a good center height of 5’ 8, and is spacious enough to accommodate 2 queen size beds. Apart from the main room for 6 people, the tent has a screen room outside that is a great feature addition. It can be used as a vestibule space, a lounge or as an additional room on warmer nights. The porch also provides ventilation & a bug free experience to the tent.


All with all the Coleman tents, this dome tent also has WeatherTec incorporated to keep you dry on rainy days. A full coverage rainfly comes with the tent for added weather protection. If you expect heavy rain, it is recommended to waterproof your tent before the trip. The tent is adequately ventilated, with window awnings that provide ventilation even when it rains. Speaking of durability, the tent is made of durable Polyguard fabric, a properly seamed & welded tub floor, along with strong frames for the tent design. 


The tent also has storage pockets to keep your gear organized. Taking down the tent is as easy as its set up, and it comes with an included storage bag.


The Coleman 6 person tent is the best budget option with a decent feature set.


  • Has a massive front porch
  • Spacious room with a good stand-up height
  • Set up in 5-7 minutes
  • Entirely waterproof
  • Superior ventilation
  • Comes with a duffel storage bag


  • Can’t be split into  cabins
  • Expensive

Short Review

The Wawona is the best 6 person waterproof tent for family camping that excels in comfort, features, weather resistance, and  durability.


Starting with the set up time, this is one of the easiest; it takes only about 5-7 minutes. It has three doors, and a large single room that can sleep up to 6 people comfortably. The stand up height is also excellent in this tent. That said, a wall separator would have been useful to split the tent into cabins. There is also a massive built-in front porch in the tent which is hands down the best feature in the tent. You can fit in all of your camping gear and furniture here.


The tent build is supreme, and is made of 14-mm tent poles and rugged fabrics. When it comes to heavy duty 4-season tents, ventilation is usually an issue but not in Wawona. It has 2 mesh windows and top vents for breathability and air circulation. The tent is entirely waterproof and you don’t have to worry about rain or snow when you take this tent for camping. There is no rain fly, however the tent is constructed in such a way that there’s no chance water can get in.


Additional features in the tent include lantern hangers, mesh pockets, hang loops and dry lines. Taking down the tent is as easy as its set up, and you get a duffle bag to pack it up. If not for the price, this would have easily topped our list.


The Wawona North Face is the best 6 man tent on the higher end, but undoubtedly a solid investment for frequent campers.


  • Set up in 10 minutes
  • High quality weather resistance
  • Excellent headroom all around the tent
  • Made of rugged Polyester tent fabric with a high waterproof rating
  • Compact Packed Size
  • Ample storage compartments


  • No vestibule

Short Review

The Big Agnes provides a deluxe camping experience and is one of the best rated 6 person tents in this review. 


It can be set up easily in less than 10 minutes if two people are involved. The tent is roomy, but to be honest 6 people inside would be a squeeze. The tent is a comfortable space for 5 adults. There is no vestibule space as well, which is a downside. 


The vertical height of 78″ is a unique feature of this tent. While other tents focus only on the center, Big Agnes stands tall even in the corners. That makes it easy to get around inside the tent. The tent has two doors with window panels on each of them, in addition to the ceiling vents that make sure that the tent is properly ventilated. 


The tent fabric is Polyester with a 1500mm waterproof coating, which is also protected by a full coverage rain fly. With seamed tapes and strong poles, you can be assured you’ll stay dry inside. The tent doors could have had an awning, which is a downside when it rains heavily.


The packed size of the tent is compact and folds up easily inside the storage bag. Besides these, the tent has ample amount of storage pockets at every corner inside the tent, and a welcome mat at the entrance. 


The Big Agnes tent is the best 4-season 6 person tent for those who seek unmatched quality and luxury camping.


  • Included Rainfly
  • Comes with a built in closet
  • Equipped with LED lighting system
  • Hinged doors for easy entry
  • Spacious room


  • Set up takes about 15 minutes
  • Only one door

Short Review

The Coleman Tenaya Cabin tent is another budget pick in this article of top rated 6 person tents. The tent has options of 6-person and 8-person, out of which 8-person could be a better option if you are 6 adults. 


The set up of the tent takes 10-15 minutes, which is longer as compared to the other tents in the review. It sleeps up to 6 people comfortably, and has a hinged door that allows for easy entry and exit. This is one of the most loved features in the tent, because it avoids the pain of using the zippers every time you need to get in and out of the tent. Yet, we felt that one more door would have been more convenient. 


The tent is ventilated with meshed windows on the sides and ceiling. The weather protection of the tent is the same as that of the Coleman tent reviewed before in this article. They have WeatherTec incorporated, but you can’t rely on it for heavy rains. It’s recommended to waterproof your tent. There’s a handy feature in this tent that we love – it is the built-in closet. It also has shelves and a hanger bar to better organize your stuff! ( this is a feature of the 8P tent ).


Apart from this, it also has e-ports, storage pockets and lantern hangers to keep things organized.


The Tenaya tent is the second budget buy of this article, with a spacious room and a very convenient hinged door.

How to choose the best 6 person tent

Ease of Set up

Well, who doesn’t like a tent that sets up easily! All of the products we have shortlisted in this article have a set up time of 10 minutes or less, except for Coleman tents that take 15 minutes, at the max. It gets easier if you follow the assembly instructions of the tent, or look up set up videos by the manufacturers.


When you think of a 6 person tent, you should also consider all the camping gear and pets ( if any ) you would be bringing in. While most of the tents can sleep 6 people in them, it usually gets tight along with the camping gear. 

If this could be your situation, we suggest upgrading the size of the tent by one or two. An 8 person tent would be more convenient for 6 people rather than 8. If you have an RV or if you are camping only for a day or so, this wouldn’t be an issue. 

Also, look for vestibule spaces in tents. They are Gold. They help you keep things super organized, and save space inside the tent. 

Cabin tents

When it’s 6 people in one single tent, privacy is appreciated. If you could divide the tent into two cabins of 3 people each, wouldn’t it be so much better? Cabin tents work great in this accord; they come with an optional divider inside the tents that you can use if needed. 

If you are someone who would like some privacy in the tent, check out this list of some of the best cabin tents we have tested till now.

Weather protection 

Different tents are built to withstand different types of weather. Some of them have generous windows for beach camping, whereas others have thick sealed seams for rainy days. 

When you are looking at buying 6 man tents, think about which season you would be camping in, and how frequently do you plan on camping. Are you looking at a tent just for summer, or would you take this for winter camping as well?

4-season tents

These are built robust to withstand heavy rains, snow and wind. While it can be an overkill in the summers, you can always remove the rainfly and enjoy sun inside the tent. 

3-season tents 

These are for spring, summer and fall. They focus more on factors such as ventilation, design and visibility, rather than severe weather protection. 

The 6 person tent reviews in this article are a mix of 4-season and 3-season tents. 


When there are 6 people inside a single tent, it can get suffocating very quickly. That’s why ventilation is a key factor here. You need to make sure that the tent has enough windows and if the air circulation is proper. 

Windows with mesh panels work great in this aspect. Some tents also have mesh panels at the ceiling which are great not only for ventilation but also for stargazing!

Other Accessories

These help you better organize your things inside the tent. Though not all tents have well thought out accessories, most of them have the basics such as wall storage pockets, lantern hooks and wall hangers. Electrical cord access port, built in closets and welcome mats are other features that you expect to find.

Tent Features


The rainfly is an additional layer over your tent that protects it from wind, dust and rain. There are two types of rainfly:

Full coverage rainfly

They cover the entire tent from the sides to the floors, have awnings for tent doors and are mostly incorporated in 4-season tents. They are made of dense fabric, have sealed seams ad have a very good waterproof rating. 

Half coverage rainfly

This only covers the body of the tent leaving the rest of the areas to be covered by the tent material. Half coverage rainflies are usually a part of 3-season tents.

If you expect harsh weathers during your camping, go for tents with a full coverage rainfly.

Tent Poles & Stakes

The sturdiness of the tent is from the type of poles it has. Aluminium and fiberglass poles are the most common ones. Aluminium poles are more durable, lightweight and expensive than the Fiberglass ones. 

When it comes to tent stakes, avoid plastic ones at any cost, even for beach camping. Replace them with steel ones.

Tent Fabric

The most common materials for tent fabric are Polyester, Nylon, Cotton and Canvas. Good quality tents are made of Polyester with extra durability from Ripstop fabrics, which are basically sewn tighter and thicker than normal fabrics. 

There are two parameters that measure the quality of a tent fabric

  • Denier rating that tells how thick the fabric is
  • Hydrostatic head measurement ( HHM ) that tells how waterproof the fabric is

If you are looking at investing in a good quality tent, look for HHM of 1500mm or more, and tent fabrics with a Denier above 75. The higher the value, the better weather-protected it is. 


Most tents don’t come with a tarp, but you can always get this as an add-on to extend the life of your tent. Make sure the dimensions of the tarp is the same as that of the tent. A bigger tarp could result in water around the tent, and a smaller tarp could make way for the bugs.


Now that we have broken down everything you need to know to buy the best 6 person tent, we hope that you would have a much clearer picture of which tent to buy. We have also created comprehensive reviews on some of the best 6 person tents in the market right now. Let’s announce the winner now!

Our pick for the top rated 6 person tent would be the ALPS Mountaineering 6-Person Tent. When it comes to camping tents, our favorite brand is ALPS because they don’t overperform in one aspect and underperform in other aspects. They maintain a perfect balance in all features that make a good tent. 

They are quite easy to set up, spacious enough for 6 people, and tall on all sides. It provides ample ventilation and is made of the best durable materials such as Polyester that promise waterproofness up to 1500mm, and heavy duty poles that build up the skeleton of the tent.

Apart from the nitty gritties, the ALPS also has mesh storage shelves, storage bag, and stakes. It’s a 4-season tent that offers the best weather protection and an array of high quality feature sets. Undoubtedly, the ALPS is the best 6 man tent that we rely on.

Which one did you pick from the article? Did you find our guides helpful? Let us know in the comments! We would love to hear them 🙂