Best RV Backup Camera of 2020 | Expert Advice

If you quickly want to find out which is the best RV backup camera, I’d recommend the Emmako Digital Wireless Backup Camera.

RV Backup cameras come in many different types with an array of features. If you’re sure you want one but don’t know where to begin, it can be easy to feel lost.

Let us help.

We’ve created this guide to help you discover the best RV backup camera for your needs.

We've created a comprehensive RV Backup camera buying guide along with a brief note on types of RV Backup Cameras. 

Our Top 5 RV Backup Cameras of 2020


  • Easy installation - within 30 minutes
  • Second-to-none picture quality
  • Comes with IP69 waterproof level
  • 70 inch Display screen with split view options
  • Super wide viewing angle of 150 degrees
  • Has 12 infrared lights for flawless night vision
  • Excellent customer service


  • Display Quality is affected a little at highway speeds
  • For vehicles over 40ft, the signal gets weak

Short Review

The Emmako Digital Backup camera is another good choice when it comes to wireless cameras and is a durable camera system. It has a 7’ inch crystal clear display, and a fantastic viewing angle of 150 degrees, that makes sure you don’t leave any blind spots.

The installation and setup of the camera system is quick and intuitive. It has a very good water and weatherproof rating of IP69, and has 12 infrared light implanted, to make sure you get the same experience at night, as in the day. 

The camera and the monitor connect to each other without any glitches. However when it comes to vehicles over 40ft, it becomes difficult to retain a good signal strength. Also when it comes to highway speeds, we can see the display getting a little distracted but not to the point of not being able to figure out things. 

Many customers are happy with the customer care, and their promptness in responding to issues. Besides that, it also comes with a 2-year warranty.

A durable backup camera that definitely improves safety while reversing, with all its excellent feature-sets.


  • Comes with a split screen monitor of 4 quadrants
  • Leaves no blind spots behind
  • Shows clear images, even in low light
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Excellent night vision
  • RV Backup camera pre-wired with monitor
  • Fantastic customer service by eRapta


  • Image quality isn’t vibrant enough

Short Review

The eRapta camera is a fair player in all the parameters that make a good backup camera. It can be used in all types of vehicles such as RVs, Campers and Trucks. 

The installation of the eRapta backup camera is simple. It includes pretty much every wire, connector, and mounting method that could ever be needed. Once installed, the split screen monitor has 4 quadrants that you can set up to match your preferences. 

It has a waterproof level of IP69 that’s a fairly good rating. It has 10 Infrared lights and advanced sensors for enhanced night vision. It also comes with 4 reversing cameras, and a 7-inch 720P HD screen. However, the quality of the display could be a little more crisp.

One impressive aspect with this camera is its excellent customer service. They make every effort to make sure you are happy with the product. However minor the issue, reach out to them and they get it sorted for you.

A heavy-duty RV backup camera with a wide set of features and excellent customer service. 


  • Best wireless RV backup camera for its price
  • Has a decent waterproof rating of IP67
  • Can fit easily into any vehicle
  • Crisp display quality of the monitor


  • Night vision isn’t great
  • No clear instructions about the installation

Short Review

The HD Digital wireless backup camera system is the most affordable one in this article in the category of wireless RV cameras. The camera comes with a complete set of accessories needed for the set up, and is designed to fit into the number plate of any vehicle. 

The RV backup camera has a waterproof IP rating of 67 which is reasonable for its price. It has a 5 inch screen display with 720P HD resolution, and the display quality of the screen is quite impressive. The installation takes about an hour and we felt that the instructions could have been clearer. 

For night vision, it has an LED set up that might be one of the major setbacks of this camera. ( Infrared lights provide night vision of the highest quality ). The communication between the camera and the monitor is seamless and without any interference, with a range of 600 ft.

The HD Wireless backup camera is the best budget pick of this article, along with being highly functional.


  • Excellent picture quality
  • Super wide viewing angle of 120 degrees
  • Digital recording function
  • Wide range of wireless connectivity
  • High Definition monitor
  • IP69 Waterproof rating
  • Warranty & Return Policy for 12 months


  • Antenna Blocks Dash View since it’s long

Short Review

The Haloview is a quality investment for a wireless RV backup camera.

The 7-inch 720P display is crisp and has a good vibrancy and contrast, and has 4 mounting cameras. It has a signal transmission range of 984 feet that makes sure the contact between the monitor & the camera is not lost. At highway speeds though, the image display gets a little pixelated. The Haloview camera has a waterproof rating of IP69 and IR LED lights for night vision.

One distinguishing feature of the camera is the video recording function. There’s a slot for inserting your memory card and there you go. This is a great feature for personal safety in case of mishaps.

Everything about this wireless RV camera is well thought out. The control buttons, the menu options on the monitor, everything is easily interpretable.

A wireless RV backup camera with a very good picture quality, worth the investment. 


  • Has a touch screen monitor
  • Has motion detection for added safety
  • Comes with an Anti-Glare monitor
  • Customizable mounting options
  • Can be installed in a snap


  • Expensive
  • Less water & weather proof

Short Review

The Furrion use their own wireless backup system. Now that ensures that the chances for any glitches are very low.

It has a 5’inch display system with a viewing angle of 120 degrees. (There are also options for 4.3 and 7 inch monitors.) It comes with a waterproof rating of IP65 which is not so great, but still works. For night vision, it comes with Infrared lights, accompanied by the IR cut filter. 

The picture quality is 720P HD, but can slightly shade away in direct sunlight. It also has an audio input. The range of the camera is 42ft in motion and up to 492ft in open spaces. One distinguishing feature of the Furrion camera is its performance in highway speeds. While most cameras give a grainy output at highway speeds, the Furrion has retained the same picture quality.

Additional features such as table stands and windshield mounts are a big plus for Furrion. They give you the options for customizing where you wish to mount the camera. 

The Furrion is an excellent RV backup camera that has well thought features & a glitch-free display at day, night & highway speeds.

RV Backup camera buying guide

Display Quality

The display quality in the monitor is primarily its resolution. Cameras that have a resolution of 720P HD or higher are ideal. Anything below that might become grainy and dangerous under  conditions like highway speeds, direct sunlight, and harsh weathers. 

Night vision

Night Vision is a pet peeve of mine, since I find it extra difficult to drive at night. Most of the RV Backup cameras these days come with Night Vision. Check for the ones that use Infrared LEDs. They provide night vision of the highest quality. 


This is measured by the IP rating of the camera, which is a two-digit number. The first digit stands for the Ingress protection and the second one for the water protection. 

As a standard for surveillance cameras, make sure the backup camera has an IP rating of 66 or higher. 

Click here for detailed information on the metrics.

Viewing Angle

The viewing angle of the camera determines how much of the area behind your car’s bumper will be visible to you while driving. Going for cameras with a viewing angle of more than 90 degrees is recommended. Though, the cameras that we have reviewed in this article have a minimum viewing angle of 120 degrees. 

Ease of Installation

Wireless RV backup cameras are easier to install as compared to Wired ones. Wireless can be easily done by yourself by following instructions. For wired, you could opt for a DIY installation or hire a professional ( which would incur additional charges).

Any DIY installation would generally have these key steps

  1. Installing the camera at the rear and the monitor at the front.
  2. Connect both the camera and the monitor to power sockets of the RV.
  3. In case of a wired RV system, establish wireless connections between the camera and the monitor.
  4. In case of a wireless RV system, wire the camera with the monitor.
  5. Test the video connection between the camera and the monitor. 


The RV Backup camera that you are buying can be a short term investment or a heavy duty product that’s going to last for a good time. On top of this, you just need to narrow down on a product that has the feature set you are looking for, in your preferred price range.

RV backup cameras come in a wide range of prices, starting from $100 that can go upto even $500. We have heavily factored price into consideration in all of the products we have recommended, which are a mix of different price ranges. You can choose one that suits your needs. 

Types Of RV Backup Cameras

Wired Camera Systems

In Wired backup camera systems, the camera is connected to the monitor with a wire. It comes handy when it is a long vehicle, when there might be issues in transmitting the signal to long distances ( between two ends of a vehicle ).

Installation of this camera is a little tedious as compared to Wireless camera systems. Wired camera systems are priced lower than wireless.

Wireless Camera Systems

In Wireless Camera Systems, the camera and the monitor talk to each other through transmission signals. However, the range of the transmission is limited, so you will have to make sure that your wireless RV camera is suitable for your RV.

Installation is easier since there is no wire installation between the camera and the monitor. Also, wireless camera systems are priced higher.

Quick tip: If you plan on using the camera on other RV’s after use, it is better to go for Wireless cameras given the ease of re-installation.


Now that we’ve broken down just about everything you need to know about RV backup cameras, and have created mini-reviews for five great RV backup cameras that are available on the market today, it is time for us to announce the winner in the category of best RV backup cameras.

The best RV backup camera in this list is the Emmako Digital Wireless Backup Camera and 7” Monitor System. The camera is versatile, gives a picture quality of 720P and has an excellent night vision. 

It has split screen options and a weatherproof rating of IP69, which is great. On top of it all, it is also priced reasonably. Overall, it is our most reliable product in the category of wireless camera systems, as it performs fairly in all aspects of a good backup camera. 

We hope this RV backup camera buying guide and review was helpful and informative. We recommend checking out whichever products have peaked your interest.

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